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Why Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting? [complete guide]

Bitcoin has become a generally accepted cryptocurrency for trades due to its decentralized payment options. Most established businesses, such as buying VPS, use Bitcoin for trading. It is a virtual payment that allows you to pay for products without going through the hassles of delays.

If you want to buy VPS with Bitcoin but have some concerns about whether Bitcoin is safe for purchasing VPS hosting, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Sending payment for your order is easy and safe, you only have to wait a few minutes. It’s easy to get an instant Bitcoin VPS with Windows or Linux!

In this article, we are going to discuss some facts that will help you to understand why you should buy Bitcoin VPS hosting.

BUY-vps-with btc

  1. Protects Your Privacy

Buying a VPS hosting server or other web hosting with traditional payment options can be a hassle. Many traditional options require you to complete identity verification or provide credit card details, physical address, and other personal information.

But if you buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin, you can get rid of this toxic situation of sharing your personal information with VPS providers. Purchasing a VPS hosting with Bitcoin automatically eliminates the procedure of data collection. The decentralized payment option of Bitcoin allows you to verify your payments without providing your private information.

From the security point of view, Bitcoin VPS has a significant reduction in the surface area of attacks that may take place targeting you. Buying VPS with Bitcoin eliminates the vulnerabilities that may put your identity at risk.

Buying a VPS with Bitcoin allows you to preserve your identity and remain discrete, meaning that your personal information is not at risk of being exposed. Transactions with Bitcoin simply involve transferring money from one wallet address to another which doesn’t require you to reveal any personal data.

  1. Globally Accepted & Easily Exchangeable Currency

Bitcoin is a globally accepted and easily exchangeable currency that makes trading smooth worldwide. You will have endless revenues when you buy a VPS Hosting with Bitcoin.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Buying VPS hosting with Bitcoin saves you from the hassles of delays that may occur in bank transfer options. Most banks are closed after hours and on weekends, keeping your money in one freezing until the next business day, which is undoubtedly irritating!

Bitcoin does not let you face this situation. In an age where speed and uptime are crucial for every service, having a payment gateway available to you 24/7 is a real perk. No matter what time or day of the year, Bitcoin allows you to never miss a payment at any cost.

In the traditional payment options, it can be a real hassle to pay from multiple credit cards, but Bitcoin allows you to pay from various Bitcoin wallets without having any external interference.

  1. Track Your Transaction History

Buying a VPS with traditional payment options requires having a reference of a previous payment or transaction, asking you to log in to this, log in to that, search this, and check that, which can be frustrating, tedious, and annoying for some people.

Buying a VPS with Bitcoin does not have that problem. It does not require you to log in anywhere or provide extra information. You just need to search the wallet address you are going to pay from and check the history. Bitcoin aims to maintain air-tight security; no one knows it’s your wallet address you pay from.

The simple decentralized techniques of Bitcoin make managing payments for web hosting extremely smooth, organized, and hassle-free. You and your host can easily track your transaction history, and you both will never find disagreement about whether or not a payment is proceeding. All the information about your transaction is stored in the blockchain, making it easier for you to inspect your payment history through blockchain explorers.

  1. Alternative Payment Method

If you currently don’t have access to traditional payment options like bank transfers and PayPal, paying with Bitcoin can be optimal. Buying a VPS with Bitcoin and creating a Bitcoin wallet is extremely simple, and it takes no more than 5 minutes.

  1. Reduced International Transaction Costs

If your VPS provider is located in a country outside of yours, buying a VPS with traditional payment options would charge you additional fees for the international transactions. But when you pay with Bitcoin, these transaction fees become significantly lower because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. Bitcoin is a globally accepted currency which means that no government or other entity can’t impose additional transaction costs on it.

  1. Paying through Mobile

Bitcoin allows you to have your billing options and payment methods at your fingertips. Bitcoin transactions can be completed through a mobile device or a smartphone in order to accommodate the reliability of buying a VPS hosting with Bitcoin.

  1. Decentralized Payments

Bitcoin uses decentralized technology, which means it is operated and controlled by one entity, whether it can be a company, individual, or government. Using a decentralized payment option for Buying VPS hosting offers you the following advantages.

  • Complete your payment without the interference of any third party, i.e., bank or government.
  • Users don’t need to rely on centralized payment options representing a SPOF (single point of failure).

Benefits that Come with Bitcoin VPS Hosting

Here are some benefits you would get if you buy VPS hosting with Bitcoin instead of another hosting package.

  • Dedicated Resources

VPS providers who accept Bitcoin as a payment option give customers more disk space, RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU, and other dedicated resources.

  • Flexibility

You have the freedom to select and install the operating systems and software of your choice on your web server.

  • Performance

Buying a VPS with Bitcoin allows you and your site visitors to enjoy the quicker webpage load times and have the allotment of resources of your own choice.

  • Stability

Unlike shared web hosting, your Bitcoin VPS hosting will not be affected by the activities of other customers and sites.

Final Verdict: Why Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting?

Buying a Bitcoin VPS hosting offers you security, privacy protection, and the ability to make less expensive transactions globally. Bitcoin is a decentralized payment option that allows you to buy VPS hosting without bearing the interference of any third party.



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