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Buy VPS with BTC ֍ Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting 2021

Want to buy VPS with BTC (Bitcoin)? Need more information on what exactly is involved when you buy your VPS with Bitcoin? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are offering all the knowledge you will need to make an informed decision, well aware of the risks and benefits of buying VPS with crypto. To cover the subject from all sides, we have started with the basic questions, like the definitions of Bitcoin and VPS, before moving on to the real issues, like why you should choose to buy VPS with BTC. If you feel like you know enough about any of these issues, you can simply use the table of contents below to skip right past them and get to the parts you want to read.

What is Bitcoin?

A digital currency, Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world. Born about 10 years ago, Bitcoin has completely changed how finance works. It is decentralized, meaning it is not issued by a central bank or regulated by any institution or administrator. The fact that spending Bitcoins doesn’t involve revealing your identity makes it perfect for the privacy-minded. Despite some attempts made by governments and trading platforms at forcing people to validate their identities, this digital currency is hardwired for anonymity and security. That makes it the perfect choice if you want to avoid revealing personal information, always a wise choice.

Bitcoin has been rising in value ever since it started, sometimes taking incredible leaps that have turned it into a popular investment as well as a currency. A lot of other cryptocurrencies have appeared since Bitcoin, but it’s still very much center-stage. With some big corporations and famous CEOs investing in Bitcoin in recent years, it is ready to make the move to the mainstream.

What is a VPS?

What is a VPS


A Virtual Private Server, or a VPS, is a type of hosting where the resources of a single physical server are shared between a few tenants. Regardless of what that sounds like, getting a VPS does not mean you’ll have to compete for resources like virtual storage or virtual CPU cores. VPS comes with a feature called “instance isolation,” which means a specific number of the physical server’s resources are assigned to you as a tenant and they will stay yours. 


As a hosting solution, VPS stands halfway between low-cost shared hosting and high-end dedicated servers. Shared hosting also gives multiple users access to the same server’s resources. Unlike VPS, however, it doesn’t dictate how much of the resources each tenant gets to have, turning it into a free for all where everyone loses. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are only one physical server to a tenant. Naturally, this ensures a high quality of service, but the price tag that comes with it is not as cool as its features. 


The best of both worlds, a VPS offers performance comparable to that of a dedicated server at affordable prices not much higher than those of shared hosting. That has made VPS a popular hosting choice for web hosting, online trading, and web app hosting.


What is BTC VPS?

What is BTC VPS?

Our main offering is the Bitcoin VPS, which is to say a VPS you pay for using Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). It is a Virtual Private Server with superfast SSD storage, extra-high bandwidth of 1 Gbps, and nearly endless network transfer volume. All of that has been reinforced with AI-powered security measures like our smart Firewall and DDoS protection. Plus, our global servers are extensively peered, so they deliver minimal latency at their locations. That means you won’t have to worry about your users or gamers experiencing lags and delays, and your trading orders will be placed exactly when you make them.

We have worked hard to make sure your purchase is as fast, hassle-free, and private as possible. Using our unique payment gateway, you can buy VPS with BTC, ETH, etc. You’ll successfully make your purchase in just a few short steps and we’ll instantly activate and deliver your VPS.


Why Should You Buy VPS with Bitcoin?


  • Privacy — You won’t have to share anything you don’t want to. In a time when corporations and governments insist on collecting and using your data, privacy is a precious commodity. Don’t risk your rightful privacy by giving out personal information.


  • Security — You’ll be much safer from malicious software or hackers trying to steal your credit card info or even your identity. Don’t give them the chance to grab vital information. Paying with Bitcoin is safer and less compromising.


  • Overcoming Restrictions — While it may sound odd, not everyone has a credit card or a PayPal account. Don’t let these restrictions stop you from getting the high-quality VPS you deserve.


  • Easy Payment — Instead of going through different login and verification steps for a simple purchase, opt for an easier way. Don’t let the payment process get more time-consuming than the shopping.


Which VPS Provider Should You Choose to Pay with Bitcoins?

The short answer, of course, is you use our website! But, to answer it in a more specific and informative way, there are different ways you can go about ordering a VPS and paying for it with Bitcoin or Crypto in general.

The very first step is to know what kind of a VPS you’re looking for, and how specialized or rare it is. Almost all hosting providers offer Windows VPS or Linux VPS solutions but finding a Gentoo VPS, for example, or a Forex VPS with MetaTrader 5 is going to do some work. With that question answered and out of the way, there are two paths you can take.


✅ The first one starts by looking around for the best providers around. You need to look at different VPS providers for several factors:

  • Features
    • What features does it offer on its VPS? Do they provide SSD storage? How much is their bandwidth or Internet speed? How high is their uptime?
  • Plans and Pricing
    • How many plans do they have on offer? How expensive are they? Do they provide customized plans matched to your demands? 
  • Trustworthiness
    • Can you trust them? Does their website seem amateurish or badly made? Are they properly registered on ICANN Lookup?
  • Reviews
    • Have they published user reviews and testimonials? Are there negative reviews about them on forums or customer reviewing websites?


Once you’re sure you have found your ideal VPS provider and your favorite plan, you should figure out if they actually accept Crypto payments. The drawback of this method is obvious now, there is a chance (and not a slim chance either) that the provider you had picked with such care simply does not support payment with Bitcoin. Now, it’s back to the drawing board again. Of course, there is also the other way, which works backward.


Begin by searching for and finding providers that explicitly mention supporting Crypto payments. Then start visiting their websites, going down the list to find the ones that actually offer the type of VPS you are looking for. As we already mentioned, things will be a bit harder if you’re looking for a special kind of VPS. Once you do find some candidates that both accept Bitcoin and have what you’re looking for, compare them to see which one does better in terms of the criteria above. Here, being trustworthy will be especially important.


Because these providers make a point of letting you buy VPS with Bitcoin, they should be very upfront and honest about the risk involved in paying with Crypto. As you may already know, there are no take-backs with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Since there is no bank or central administrator, you cannot revert or cancel your purchase. So, there is always an element of risk. You should pay attention to how trustworthy a provider seems. We looked at a few ways to gauge that above but when it comes to Bitcoin VPS providers, there is an added criterion and that is if and how they talk about the risk of you losing your money.


Granted, a dozen dollars may not seem like much, but nobody likes to get cheated. If you’re on a VPS provider’s website and you can’t find any mention of how a Bitcoin payment may run the risk of a scam, then there is a chance they are up to no good. Even if they do mention it but you feel like it’s getting just glossed over and rejected as unlikely, you should probably consider moving on to another candidate on your list.


If all has gone well and you have followed these steps as best you could, you should have found a good VPS provider who accepts Bitcoin. You know, one like us.


We may have only started out this year and we may not have many reviews to show for it, but we believe the testimonies we do have and our honesty speak for us nonetheless. We offer fast, high-functioning VPS solutions that run on the latest server hardware, including SSD storage, super-fast vCPU cores, cutting-edge memory technology, and an Internet speed that’s through the roof. We offer four different plans for different use cases and needs, and we are always ready to make a custom plan just for you; you just have to let us know.


How can I Access my BTC VPS? 💰

So, let’s say you get your Bitcoin VPS. You have decided on your favorite plan between our four options (Bare Necessities | Essential Assets | Excellent Amenities |  Rich Resources) or asked for a customized plan. You have followed the steps, paid for the VPS with crypto. So, what now?


The first thing that happens afterward is this: you will receive an email from us titled “Your VPS has been Activated.” Inside that email are details of your new VPS: its IP address, nameserver, and some sensitive information like your remote connection credentials. We ask you to avoid sharing that email with anyone as it may compromise your server’s security.


In a few more minutes, you will receive another email telling you the VPS has been furnished according to your demands, referring to the operating system you choose when ordering. You’ll then need a remote desktop application to connect to your VPS. You can use Microsoft’s RDP if you requested and got Windows as the server OS. Otherwise, you have to use applications that support the VNC protocol. There are a lot of options when it comes to remote desktop apps, including Remmina, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. Which one you choose will depend on what device you’ll be using to connect to your VPS. Remmina is usually available as the native remote desktop application of many Linux distributions. Applications like TeamViewer, however, can be run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and even Android. There are so many choices that in the end, it may just come down to a matter of taste. 


Once you have the application up and running, you simply need to plug the credentials and IP addresses you received in your inbox to get connected. You’ll be able to see your server’s OS desktop as if it was right in front of you. You’ll then be able to use the full root access we provide to configure the OS to your liking and install any software that you need. That means you will be completely independent of any manager or admin, guaranteeing your server and data remain private and secure.


How Does Server Location Impacts your Bitcoin VPS?


Taking a look at our map of server locations, you’ll see quite a few pulsing blue points that stand for our data centers. If you think there are too many, then you should read this section carefully because we’re about to discuss how your server location can have a dramatic impact on your business, trading, work, or whatever it is that you use your VPS for. 


The main issue at stake, of course, is latency. Latency is a measure of how long information takes to get from the server (your website for example) to the client (the users visiting your website) or vice-versa. Real-world geographic distances are the main factor of latency. Let’s imagine you’re a crypto trader living in East Asia. You’re working with a platform or broker in Europe or the States. The information you’re sending to the platform will have to move from numerous gateways, data centers, Internet eXchange Points (IXPs), etc. before it can get from one side of the globe to the other. Even with the lightning-speed connections today, that journey will cause a delay in transferring your buy or sell order to the platform. For a trader dealing with crypto, even a few seconds of delay can make all the difference between a sweet deal and a loss. 


Because of the effects of latency, many traders have turned to VPS hosting. They install the software they use for trading on their VPS and use it through a remote desktop connection. What’s the difference? Well, not only are they now online 24/7, but by choosing the right server location, they are practically next door to their broker or platform. That guarantees minimal latency between you and your platform of choice, increasing your chance of success.


Trading is not the only thing affected by latency, however; even if you are going to use your VPS to host a website, you need to keep latency in mind. If you host your website in Los Angeles while your customer base is in France, your users won’t have a fast, satisfying customer experience. That means lower SEO, higher bounce rates, and plummeting sales. The same rules apply when you use an RDP server to work at a remote office.


So, when you’re ordering your VPS, ask yourself which server location is going to be closer to your customers, trader, or company headquarters. If you’re not sure of the exact location, make sure you pick the ones at the center of the world’s Internet network, like New York City, Singapore, or Frankfurt, — and we have servers in all of them plus more than 12 other locations.


What Next?

Here we are, finally, after looking at crypto payments for VPS from different angles. Equipped with knowledge, imagine yourself buying a decent, affordable Virtual Private Server. You’ll know this is right for you if you feel good about it, thinking about the incredibly fast storage and memory, about having complete control over your VPS using our easy-to-use dashboard, the websites and web apps you can host, the trades you can make. 


Want another incentive? How about a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee? If you are not satisfied with our VPS for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. Combined with our competitive prices and caring support staff, it’s practically the same as a free 7-day trial. So, don’t miss out — pick your favorite VPS plan, your favorite OS, and pay with Bitcoin. Get Started!

 Why should you buy VPS Hosting with Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)?

Several reasons give you a clue about the benefits of buying VPS hosting through cryptocurrency.

Let us talk about some of the most important reasons.

Crypto Makes Website Hosting Anonymous

Cryptocurrency has made the job easier for you to sell and buy items online. Buying services through Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency always makes you anonymous as a person.

This aspect helps you to avoid the theft scare because no one knows you in a personal capacity.

For instance, when you buy VPS with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, hackers and competitors won’t gather the information from your website.

They can’t trace you because you’ve bought your website using Bitcoin, which means you didn’t reveal your identity.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized.

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, every store owner allows you to make transactions using it. You can also buy cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other types, from anywhere you want.

If someone buys cryptocurrencies and makes different transactions, non-government or administration organizations can’t monitor him.

It means he doesn’t need to worry about his personal information or identity being leaked.

On the other hand, if you’re buying VPS or other things using a credit card, a hacker can access your information after hacking your credit card.

However, with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, any transaction you make will remain protected, and no one can have the guts to access it.

Since cryptocurrency uses two-factor authentication, you can access your private key even after a hacker hacks your information.

However, if a hacker hacks a private key, you can still receive a piece of confirmation information on your phone number and email.

Cryptocurrency is Economical

When buying VPS hosting with FIAT currency, you may need to pay a 3.6% tax on every transaction you do. This tax money belongs to PayPal feels and the administration tax section.

However, purchasing VPS hosting services through cryptocurrency saves a lot of your money because you only need to pay 0.10% tax. The tax money you pay travels to the cryptocurrency system and miner.

Cryptocurrency is an immensely more affordable choice than FIAT currency. Apart from being affordable, it also minimizes the risk of your data being hacked or compromised.

Moreover, using other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum won’t force you to pay even a penny tax.

Bitcoin is helping the third world.

Another big advantage you carry with Bitcoin is buying the VPS hosting premium without any bank account. This aspect helped many people who don’t have a bank account, but still, they can make online transactions.

It means you don’t need to carry a debit or credit card for paying online for any transaction you do. Instead, you’ve got the luxury to pay the expenses of your shopping through cryptocurrency.



How long does it take to deliver my BTC VPS?

Almost no time at all. Your VPS comes with an Instant Activation feature, meaning it will be created and orchestrated as soon as you finalize your crypto purchase. Just a few more minutes and we’ll have the operating system installed and the VPS will be ready for use. You will be informed of both stages via email.


Where are your data centers located?

We have more than 15 servers spread out around the globe, located at the important points of the financial, commercial 

What can I do with my VPS?

We mentioned some of the more common use cases of a VPS right here on this page; things like hosting a website or a web app, online trading (Forex or crypto), and setting up a remote office workstation. But there are tons of other ways to use a VPS. You could use our BTC VPS to create: a mail server, a podcast server, an FTP server, a multiplayer gaming host, etc. In the end, it comes down to what you like to do with it.

How can I get Fedora Server on my BTC VPS?

There are two ways to go about it. You can install it very rapidly and easily using the BTC VPS dashboard’s 1-Click Install feature. You may also want to install it manually, to get the exact configuration you want, in which case you can mount its ISO image on your virtual disk drive and start the setup as you would on a PC.


Will I be able to add Plesk to my Windows-based VPS?

Of course! You can install and use any one of the popular web hosting control panels like DirectAdmin, cPanel, and naturally, Plesk. Because our Bitcoin VPS features full root access, you can also use your admin permissions to install other control panels.

Can I pay for my VPS using a monthly payment plan?

We’re sad to say that at this point, we do not offer free trials for BTC. We do, however, have a full refund policy for the first 7 days after your purchase.=.


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  1. VPS provider accepting Bitcoin

    Access to various payment gateways was one of the greatest issues we observed
    from multiple countries. Instead of limiting our customers,
    we offer different payment options, so they don’t have to worry about having a
    specific payment type on hand. In certain places of the world, traditional payment
    gateways may restrict customers. You can use Bitcoin payments to solve this problem.
    Many businesses worldwide are starting to accept Bitcoin as
    a payment method like they do credit cards. Bitcoin is known as
    “the secure money of the Internet.” To handle bitcoin payments, bitcoin payment services function as a mediator between the sender of the money and the recipient.
    We offer support for receiving bitcoin payments.

    So don’t worry.
    Due to lower transaction costs than a conventional credit card payment, bitcoin payments are more cost-effective
    than standard credit card transactions. So
    it is advisable to use Bitcoin payments instead of the traditional ways, but we are not trying
    to force you into anything; you are free to choose whatever payment method
    you want.

  2. Why Choose to Buy VPS with Bitcoin?
    There are multiple benefits to choosing bitcoin as the means of payment for VPS. One of the major benefits is the provision of decentralized payments. When you choose a centralized means of payment, you are making yourself privy to failure. Sometimes in a centralized chain of payment, certain transactions can be declined by the bank. The main benefit of the decentralization of bitcoin is that the payment will be finalized without much hindrance.

  3. The first step in using Bitcoin is setting up an account with a service like Coinbase or BitPay. After you have your account set up, you can buy and sell Bitcoins on these exchanges. You can also use your account to send or receive payments from other users. Once you have bought Bitcoins, you can send them to someone else who will then transfer them into their wallet for future use.

  4. How to use bitcoin as a payment option?

    Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system introduced as open-source software in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The system is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

    The fast and secure transactions make it a popular choice amongst lots of industries and people around the world. But what is Bitcoin? And how does it work? Read on to find out. But be warned: once you know, you’ll never see money the same way again!

  5. what is Anonymous VPS Hosting?

    Many people prefer to remain anonymous in the virtual world. Thanks to the currency code, this opportunity has now been created. You can buy your VPS anonymously anywhere in the world. We will let you buy Anonymous VPS Hosting.

    We offer you a variety of modern methods that are paid online. In addition, you can purchase your VPS through your PayPal account; We have made it possible for you to use other payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins and cryptocurrencies. With the help of paying for the purchase of VPS through the currency code, your payment will remain anonymous.

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